Life Stories

Papa Mole Came Outside His Home. –

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One beautiful morning papa mole came outside his home.

He took in a big whiff of the fresh air and noticed something

“It smells like bacon. mama mole come out here!” he said

Mama mole came out

“smell the air”

Papa mole said

So mama mole took a big whiff

“Oh my, it smells like… PANCAKES. baby mole come out here!”

Baby mole comes out and had a hard time getting past his parents so he stayed behind them

“what do you smell?” mama mole asked

Baby mole sniffed and whiffed then mama mole asked

“well? Doesn’t that smell delicious?”

Bhe baby mole was very upset that he could not smell the deliciousness and cried out

“I don’t know! All I can smell is mole-a$ses!”