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Parents They Did not Leave you When you were Young. So don’t Leave Them when They are Old.

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The love given to the kids by their parents is so enormous that even masterpieces could only describe a little part of it.

Because of that love, your parents raise you as much as they could. They take care of, worry about you with all their hearts.

They are beside you from you were born until you are older, no matter who you will be and whatever happens. They, as long as they are able to, always support, help you and take care of you.

So, when they get old, don’t abandon them. Do not put too much focus on your own life and forget that you still have your parents to take care of.

Be beside them, take care of them while you still can. Share with them about your life. Show you love for them. Because you’re the one who’s taken a lot from them.