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Partially Born Baby’s Life Saved Before Mom Gives Birth

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When Adrianna Mashburn got pregnant with her son Maverick, she couldn’t help but notice her baby bump was exceptionally large. Everyone thought she was having triplets.

As it turned out, Maverick had a grapefruit-sized mass in his right lung filled with amniotic fluid — hence her abnormally large bump.

The tumor was the result of a rare congenital birth defect that pushed the baby boy’s heart and pressed on his esophagus.

Doctors told Adrianna and her husband Micah to prepare for the worst; baby Maverick was not expected to make it through the pregnancy. By this point, Adrianna was about 30 weeks along.

Determined to give him the best chance at survival, the Mashburns met with a specialist who made a suggestion they never saw coming.

The life-saving surgery meant Maverick would need to undergo an “the EXIT-to-resection procedure” surgery to remove the tumor before his was entirely born, and with the umbilical cord still attached.

The Mashburns knew this would be risky, but they decided to go through with the procedure when Adrianna was 36 weeks and two days pregnant.

According to PEOPLE, “A C-section was performed and Cass quickly brought the baby’s head and chest out while the baby remained attached to the placenta.”

Watch the video below to see this incredible miracle of modern-day medicine at work. We are so happy that Maverick is now a healthy littler boy.

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