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People with These 5 Traits Are Those You Can Rely on When Life Gets Hard

Someone that knows how to make you smile through the tears and pick you up when you are down.

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The difficult thing is finding the right person to lean on.

Sometimes even the best of friends can abandon us when life gets hard and we need them the most, or prove themselves to be someone who can’t be trusted.

Finding the right people is important, and knowing who to hang onto even more so.

There are a few traits present in people who are reliable when life gets hard.

We want to share them with you so that you can surround yourself with truly supportive friends.

1. They build you up

The people you can count on are the ones who keep you going. They will motivate you and remind you of what you are working on so that you are the best version of yourself.

They motivate you when you want, but they also keep you on the ground so you don’t run out. When life gets difficult, they remind you of the positive and inspire you.

2. They only want what is best for you

A supportive friend is not always someone who agrees with you. If someone or something does not seem right, they are not afraid to express their opinion. That means they don’t smile and nod when they think you are making the wrong decisions.

It may be hard to hear right now and they are not always nice about it, but it is in your own interest. The bottom line is that they care about you, but they will push you to the hardest option if it means you get the best result.

3. They support your decisions and cheer you on

While they can and are likely to give you input on important decisions, trusted friends will give you 100% support once you make your own decision. You may be playing devil’s advocate, but if you’ve made up your mind, they’re right behind you.

They support you when it’s difficult and they celebrate with you when you reach your goals. No matter the difficulty, they will cheer you up every step of the way.

4. They don’t get jealous

It can be difficult to see someone happy with something you don’t have, and it’s natural to be a little jealous. True friends do not respond to this jealousy when they see that you are accomplishing something or having a romantic relationship.

They take care of you and are really happy if you are happy, and if you are not happy, they will do anything to help you resolve the situation. This makes them the best people to rely on when life gets tough because they have no ulterior motives.

5. They listen

If you are going through a really difficult period, you will know a reliable person because they will let you speak. They will not stop and weigh their opinions all the time, they will simply listen to you and tell you about your fears.

They may ask you for details and your feelings, but they do not try to direct your own opinions or goals at you.

In difficult times, be sure to surround yourself with people who really support and listen to you before trying to advise and help you, as they will then know the whole story.


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