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Pregnant Woman Sees Blood ‘Filling The Water’ And Saves Husband From Shark Attack

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Margot Dukes-Eddy and husband Andrew, a couple from Atlanta, recently went on vacation to the Florida Keys with Andrew’s family.

They expected a fun, relaxing, and safe getaway during the pandemic.

The group decided to spend the day on a private 20-foot motorboat that took them around the Sombrero Reef, a long chain of islands near Miami.

Seeing a bunch of snorkelers already swimming in the water, Andrew eagerly jumped into the beautiful blue waters of the Florida Keys.

But within mere seconds, Margot noticed the dorsal fin of a shark down below. Then she saw blood pooling right around the area where Andrew had jumped in.

The family watched in horror as they realized an 8- to 10-foot bull shark had crashed into Andrew and sunk its teeth into his shoulder, almost immediately.

According to the Independent, “While sharks are common in the Florida Keys, the Miami Herald notes that shark attacks are not, with just 17 unprovoked shark bites reported since 1882, according to the latest information from the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File.”

It was a serious wound, and Andrew needed to get away from the creature as soon as possible.

Margot was not about to let the shark do any more harm to her husband. So without even a moment of hesitation, she leaped out of the boat and into the water, pulling him back to safety.

And here’s the thing: Margot is pregnant. What an incredibly brave and heroic woman.

Andrew was airlifted to a nearby hospital. See the aftermath of Margot’s amazingly heroic rescue in the clip below.

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