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Professor Is Awoken By Neighbor At 2 AM — To Learn He’s Won The Nobel Prize

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It was 2:15 a.m. on a Monday morning when Paul Milgrom, 72, was awoken by the sound of someone knocking at his front door.

The man at the door was Paul’s research partner, PhD supervisor, and neighbor, Robert Wilson.

In the doorbell cam footage below, Robert and his wife keep ringing the doorbell of Paul’s home in Palo Alto, California. Then they try knocking as they call for Paul’s attention.

Meanwhile, Paul’s wife, who was in Stockholm at the time, had received a security camera notification on her phone. She checked the screen to see her neighbors standing at her door.

Then she heard the reason for Robert’s early morning visit.

“It’s Bob Wilson,” he told Paul. “You won the Nobel Prize.”

Paul and Robert had just won the coveted prize together. According to Palo Alto Online, “Paul Milgrom, 72, and Robert Wilson, 83, have been awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences for ‘improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formats,’ according to a press release. The award also comes with 10 million Swedish kronor, equivalent to about $1.1 million.”

Since Paul had turned off his cellphone while he was sleeping, the folks with the Nobel Prize organization couldn’t get ahold of him. That’s when Robert headed over to his house to deliver the news himself.

Watch the video below to see Paul’s stunned reaction to the amazing news.

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