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Psychologist Says Parents Shouldn’t Be Too Involved With Remote Classes… But ‘How?’ We Ask

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There are so many challenges that come with remote learning. To name a few, glitchy computers and internet issues, having to learn through a screen, rather than having face-to-face help, can all be tricky to navigate. But for many kids, another big issue might be adjusting to doing school with their parents hanging around.

For parents, the struggle feels very real, as well. We all want to help our kids with school, but knowing how much to help is really difficult. Especially because technical issues can arise at pretty much anytime, so we can’t go too far. But it’s also hard to hang back if our kids aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing while in class. Some parents tend to jump in if their child is late, or even if they don’t give a good answer to a teacher’s question. Because, well, it feels really hard not to try and help or correct when you have a front-row seat to school.

Of course, age is a factor and young children might need a lot of help. But psychologist Rachel Busman with the Child Mind Institute says that parents should really try to keep their distance whenever possible.

“They need to learn and they also need to be given space to continue to be independent, problem-solve, and continue to navigate the environment themselves,” she says. Not only that, she believes that being too close can cause some problems.

For more on why parents should try to let kids handle school on their own, check out the video.

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