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Rebel Wilson Says She’s Almost At Her Weight Loss Goal Of 165 Pounds Due To ‘The Mayr Method’

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Rebel Wilson rose to stardom due in part to her hilarious role as Patricia Hobart, aka “Fat Amy,” in the Pitch Perfect movie trilogy.

The part was self-deprecating, as her character admitted she called herself “Fat Amy” so other people wouldn’t poke fun at her weight behind her back.

But in early 2020, Rebel announced on Instagram that she would be embarking on a wellness journey during her “Year of Health.”

For the past year, the 40-year-old actress and comedian has been working hard at shedding the pounds and creating a brand-new image for herself.

She has millions of fans around the world, and they’ve all been loving her updates as she’s gradually gotten happier and healthier.

She says she’ll often wake up early, go on a hike or jog, work with personal trainers, and take part in high-intensity interval training … while still treating herself to the occasional treat, of course.

Rebel is reportedly on the Mayr Method diet, which is partly based on a diet of whole foods with high alkaline content, like vegetables and fresh fish. The diet also encourages people to chew their food thoroughly before swallowing — taking upwards of 40 chews per bite.

According to People magazine, “Wilson began her lifestyle transformation last year when she visited Austria’s luxury medical detox and wellness center, VivaMayr, with friend and TV host Carly Steel. While there, Wilson got ‘amazing results’ by following the center’s Mayr Method diet plan — which centers around principles like eating slowly and mindfully to aid digestion.”

Now Rebel says she is just 6 pounds away from hitting her goal weight of 165 pounds.

“Just call me: Fit Amy,” she most recently joked on Instagram, along with a selfie showing her amazing transformation thus far.

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