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River Diver Finds Sunken Prosthetic Leg Worth $15k And Ends Up Finding The Man Who Lost It

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Karl Bly is used to finding all sorts of things in the American River. Karl dives into the river just about every day in search of lost items. When he finds anything of value, he shares it on his page, the American River Lost & Found Facebook page.

Karl has found some interesting things since starting this project. Recently, he found something he never expected. During his dive, Karl noticed what looked like a human foot.

“I found a leg underwater. Once I got past the foot that was on it, the human-looking foot, I saw the mechanics of it and realized it was a prosthetic leg and I just knew immediately somebody needed it back,” he told CBS13.

Karl was determined to find the owner. He posted photos of the leg on the Facebook page. With the help of his awesome network, he was able to find the owner, Scott Anderson Sr.

“Scott Anderson Sr. GOT HIS LEG BACK!!! … Thank you to everyone who shared Please Share On Facebook/Pinterest and helped to find him,” Karl wrote.

“Yesterday I found a prosthetic leg on the river bottom. It turns out that it had fallen off of Scott’s raft while he was enjoying the river.”

Scott was obviously thankful to recover the pricey item. It would have cost him nearly $15,000 to replace.

“He came down right away to pick it up. Very very thankful. He just went on and on about how he needed it to get back to work,” Karl said.

Karl has some important advice for anyone visiting the American River, or any other body of water. “If you’re bringing something valuable on the river, make sure it floats.”

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