Life Stories

Short stories that give you precious lessons in life!

There are moments when you need to relax with good books, with small stories. And there are times when there are stories that make us have a lot of reflection.

The story is just trivial copies here, but if strung together to string will also give readers a lot of meaningful lessons.

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Story number one: Sometimes you don’t have to try to chase something, keep your head held high but move on, success and happiness will follow.

On the steppe there are mother and daughter lion family. The young lion asked his mother:

– Mom, where is happiness?

Mother said:

– Happiness is in your tail.

The naive young lion kept trying hard to chase his tail, but couldn’t catch it.

The mother lion looked at her child with a gentle smile and said:

– Fool, there is no need to chase happiness. As long as you hold your head high and head forward, happiness will forever chase you.

Story No. 2: Things are a lot simpler if you change your perspective.

One noble lady had a very beautiful old flower vase. She liked it so much that she wanted to repaint her room to match the color of the vase. But even though she hired many famous painters, none of them could make the same paint color as the vase.

In the middle of that moment, someone came to see the other lady and confidently said that she could repaint the room exactly as she wanted. As a result, he actually created the same paint color as the vase, making the lady extremely happy and decided to reward her handsomely.

When he got home, the son curiously asked the story: – How’s your dad so talented?

– Nothing. – He calmly replied.

– I painted the whole vase again.

Story 3: Only someone who dares to act out of the ordinary can break the rule.

Two friends entered the restaurant for dinner. While they were about to order, the waiter reminded us: “Dear customers, our restaurant only serves with the payment of two million or more.”

After listening, one of them said, “Okay, show me the menu!”

A moment later, he turned to ask the waiter: “How much does a plate of tofu cost here?” “Yes, 30 thousand, sir”.

– “Okay, let’s get 70 plates of tofu over here”.

The waitress finished recording right away. After a while, the manager of the restaurant came and laughed loudly and said to the two other guests: “Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to order. As much money as you like, there is no minimum limit, maximum anything! ”

Change the game to suit your abilities, not necessarily the way everyone else chooses. You cannot control the direction of the wind, you can only control the sails. You don’t have to see all the stairs, just take the first step with confidence.