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Silence is Better When You Can’t Explain Your Heart

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We have seen ourselves in situations when words can’t define what you feel. We can have a lot to say, but we feel empty when we want to talk. We lost our choice of words. Speaking at that minute can only make you create the wrong impressions. Be silent.

Silence is golden. It is a great asset. You can never know the troubles and series of issues you can avoid if you keep quiet. It is not in every case or matter that you ought to express yourself. At times you have to act like you don’t mind to avoid troubles.

It happens most times when someone is annoyed or upset at someone. Don’t talk out of anger, hush, absolutely regret your words later, and wish you can take back your words, but the deal is down.

Silent is the best cure for an angry mind. You can say things you never meant. I have seen it break partners, end relationships, and led to violence.

Silence is better when you can’t explain your heart, or one is angry. It takes self-control to remain quiet in these cases. Nevertheless, in the end, it is worth it.

Silence is the answer to many unanswered questions and feelings. It can make a burning heart quench. Some people might see it as a weakness or not being able to express oneself, but it is better done than facing the consequences of one’s actions or words later on.