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Some People Think Santa Should Be Gender-Neutral Or Female, According To A Recent Study

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Times are changing, and attitudes are changing with them. Case in point: Rigid gender roles and stereotypes are slowly but surely falling to the wayside. Overall, people have grown to be more open-minded when it comes to gender and sexuality, with many openly identifying as being nonbinary or gender-neutral.

Recently, a survey found that some people believe Santa could also benefit from some similar gender flexibility.

According to ABC7, logo creation company GraphicSprings recently asked 400 people from the United States and the United Kingdom how they might choose to modernize Santa Claus. GraphicSprings then compiled all the top suggestions and polled 4,000 people. The results showed that a decent portion of the participants believes old St. Nick could use a bit of a rebrand.

GraphicSprings reported that nearly 19% of the US participants said that the Christmas icon should be gender-neutral (meaning identify as neither male or female). Over 10% of respondents said that Santa should be a woman instead. The remaining majority of over 70% responded that they believe Kris Kringle should stay a man, keeping with the centuries-old tradition of how the mythological figure has been represented.

The survey also asked people about how they might update Santa’s current look for the modern era. For example, a whopping 20% of those surveyed said that Santa should have some tattoos, and 21% agreed that he should go on a diet instead of maintaining his current robust figure.

You can check out all the results at the GraphicSprings website.

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