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Spot The Odd Funny Guy

As you can see these guys are really funny, but then, one of them just doesn’t seem to be similar with the others.

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Take the challenge and try to spot the odd one as fast as you can! Ready? Let’s start!

Note: The answers are provided below.

1. Which is the odd one?

2. How about here? Which is the odd one?

3. Here’s the last one. Which is the one?

Do you think you were able to get all the odd ones? We hope you do! Let’s check!

(Please don’t scroll down unless you are done answering.)





Were you able to find all the odd ones in just 60 seconds?

If yes, then you must have an unusual memory and observation skills! You’re not just 95% genius, as you are in fact 100%!

Congratulations! This indicates that you scored in the top 1% of people who answered this brainteaser quiz! You definitely have a sharp eye for dissimilarities! This is linked the speed and alertness section of your brain.


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