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Story About Two Twin Boys, Who Had A Father Who Was An Alcoholic.

There’s an old story about two twin boys, who had a father who was an alcoholic.

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They grew into young men.

One grew up to be an alcoholic,  and when asked what happened he said,

“I watched my father”

The other grew up and never drank in his life.

When he was asked what happened he said,

“I watched my father.”

From this simple story, we see three lessons:

1th: We are all role models

Like it or not, other people look at how we behave and model their lives after us.

It’s something that we need to keep in mind for all the people we care about and influence.

2nd: We can learn from others.

It’s much better to learn a lesson from someone else’s experience than to have to experience it ourselves.

and that even applies to our parents. They aren’t perfect either.

We can look to them for a example – in some cases it may be a positive one, in others it won’t be.

Either way, we can take away direction in how to live our lives.

3nd: We all have the power to choose.

Your perspective in life will determine your destination

Today’s a new day. You have two choices in life.

You can either be a victim or a survivor. Which one do you choose.