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Strong women aren’t like ordinary women. They’re in a whole different league.

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When a strong woman says goodbye there’s No Turning Back.

A strong woman says goodbye differently.

She is not an ordinary woman. And she is someone who doesn’t put up with any bullshit.

She won’t feel devastated and cry for a long time.

Women won’t start pointing fingers at you for your mistakes in the relationship, or will she force you to stay with her.

This woman will not only let you leave, but she will encourage you to do it.

If you decide to leave, she will respect your decision because she understands that everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled.

She also knows that life goes on and that she will survive this separation because she is familiar with the process.

A strong woman knows that affection and attention are things that shouldn’t be required from others because real love should be easy and simple.

A strong woman knows that the right people will stay always and if someone decides to leave, they were not the right person to have in their life.

She is also aware of the fact that an ending means a new beginning and she is not scared to start over.

So, instead of asking you to come back, this woman will focus on herself. She will love herself more.

When this strong woman decides to leave and goodbye, there is no turning back

That’s when you’ll realize that she didn’t lose you. You lost her…