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Sunny Hostin Shares How Her Kids Reacted When An ABC Exec Called Her ‘Low Rent’

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Sunny Hostin is an accomplished lawyer and a powerhouse co-host on the hit daytime TV show The View. And while Sunny is accustomed to sharing tons of opinions on the show, now she’s opening up about her private life in a new, highly anticipated memoir, I Am These Truths. In the book, there are some stunning revelations. Sunny discusses the controversy that played out early this summer when an ABC executive called her “low rent,” a term she believes was racially motivated. 

In an interview with E.T., Sunny talked about, not just how she felt about it, but how her kids felt and what they told her. “My son’s reaction was he was sort of stunned. My daughter was just like ‘don’t believe that. That’s not who you are.” Adding that, “They are certainly the people I raised them to be.”

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Sunny’s book otherwise, as well, and Sunny says she was censored by ABC. “I did remove some passages … I think they were concerned about how it made the network look,” she said.

She added, “I think I was treated differently than a white woman would have been treated. I was given a dressing room on a different floor, and I noticed that other co-hosts who came on after I came on were given dressing rooms on the main floor with everyone else. And while that seems like a small thing, it’s those little indignities that make … you wonder, ‘Am I being crazy? Am I being sensitive? Am I playing the race card?’”

For more on the story and Sunny’s big revelations, watch the video.

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