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Teacher Told She Can’t Have LGBTQ Pride Flags In Class Has The Ultimate Clapback

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While 2020 has been a heck a year, one of the most important things that happened has been the definition of politics. As certain issues have come up, people have been quick to label them as “political.” Unfortunately, issues with both race and sexuality have fallen into this category — when in reality, they align more with basic human rights.

As big issues have taken center stage, more people have chosen to be vocal over their beliefs. They believe it’s important to get the word out. For example, there have been plenty of cases where teachers or students have been reprimanded for wearing “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts. One of the biggest stories happened this July. In Arkansas, a 6-year-old student was actually expelled from day care for wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt. According to Forbes, the center reportedly fought back, stating that “a childcare environment is not a place for a parent’s political views.”

Now a teacher in Reno, Nevada, is dealing with a similar battle — but regarding LGBTQ. Jennifer Leja, a seventh- and eighth-grade teacher who identifies as bisexual, is technically forbidden from taking part in “partisan political activities,” per Upworthy. Still, putting up any sort of images or wearing any type of clothing that supports the LGBTQ community can only make other students who may be ashamed or afraid of their sexuality to feel more welcome. So she found a way to follow the guidelines while sharing her support.

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