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Thank you Lord for looking over me and my family, COVID 19

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 Coronavirus has killed around 1 million people and you are still alive today. use few seconds and thank God for gift of life.

Thank you Lord for looking over me and my family in this time of this virus. I pray for everyone who has it that they will come through and get well.

Thanks Lord for letting me be ok through all this Corona Virus Pandemic, please continue to protect my whole family from this Virus and everything else.  Prayers to all who have lost their loved ones. Bless everyone who are sick and need your prayers or help!  Amen!

We should be grateful for every day. Coronavirus has been responsible for so many deaths, but many more have died from cancer treatment being stopped, referrals not being auctioned, heart issues and the increasing numbers of men, women and children committing suicide because of the pandemic. Millions of people are being lost to other causes than coronavirus. 

Thank you God for being with me every hour of every day. With you beside me I have no fears. Thank you for taking care of my family and friends.

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