Life Stories

The King and His Servant

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Once upon a time there was a King who loved to hunt.
One day, whiltst hunting, the King shot a wild Leopard.
He ran towards it to see if it was dead or not.
When suddenly the nearly dead leopard jumped up and attacked the King.
The chief servant managed to kill the leopard,
but couldn’t prevent his Majesty from losing a finger.
Furios, the King said to his servant:

If God was good, i would not have been attacked and i wouldn’t have lost a finger.
The servant reply:

“ despite all of these things, i can only tell you that God is good and everything HE does is perfect , HE is never wrong “
Outraged by his response, the King ask the servant:

“ if i put you in prison, would you still think that is what’s best for you?”
The servant without any fear and humbly replied:

“ Yes my King, I would still think that is the best arrangement for me “
The now enraged King ordered that the servant be imprisoned at once
Three month later , the King and another servant left for another hunt
and were captured by tribes people, who required a human sacrifice.
On the altar, the desperate King watched as his servant was killed besides him
But all the sudden,

the tribe people discovered that,

the King was missing a finger and so they released him.
They now considered to be “ incomplete and so he could not offered to their god
On returning to his palace, the King authorized the release of his servant,
He went to him and humbly said :

“ My friend God was really good to me , i was almost killed but for my missing finger , i was released “
“ However, i have a question, “ the King continued .

“ If God is so good, why did He allow me to put you in prison”.
The servant wisely replied:

“ My king, had i not been jn prison , I would have been with you and i would have been sacrificed since i have no missing finger.
The king was laughed and said, :

“ That’s correct! Everything happen for a reason
Our live is turn up and down, when things do not turn out how you want,

do not give up and have a good faith!