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The Pain of Loving Someone You Can’t Have

I lived our lives strangely jealously without escaping. I envy this “someone” who has the chance to see you and to keep you, to talk to you and to be with you after a bad day. I envy this “someone” who kisses you and kisses you every time you go to bed at night. I envy the “Someone” who has covered you with good kisses and has the opportunity to smile every morning when you open your eyes.

Fortunately for someone who hears you sing a love song. Who dances with you in a crowd. Who sits in front of you at a table and smells that black coffee as he listens to the tweets of the little birds and looks at the horizon with the glow of bright reds and oranges. What is someone’s happiness?

It is true that most people never pray for life, because I am a woman alone in bed at night and crying until the dawn birds remove the debris from the darkness.

I am a woman who smiles to hide so much pain. Who’s lying when he’s fine?

I am a woman who honestly confesses that I am going to die alone, I smile at you and I take pictures with someone in pictures that I will not be in.

I am a woman who wishes, hopes and prays to stand and feel when you fall asleep beside me.

But I want you to know that my love for you is not lost in me. I will keep it to be able to wear something through the time of loneliness.

I want you to know that even the skyline of the city is polluted forever. That’s how I love you

Know that I will not forget you. It’s your familiar smile and your charming look that holds my smile and loves you even more.

You have never been to me and will never be, but I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart and that I will always love you from afar.


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