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The Power of Positive Affirmations for Healing

The repetition of positive affirmations is a concept that I really like. Similar to visualization, it changes so many lives. Affirmations and visualizations are for many people a great tool for personal help. But for another group of people, this may seem to make things worse. Why?

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The idea behind a kind (verbal or visual) is that you affirm positive thoughts or images – things with which you would like to be in tune. But what can happen if the OPPOSE emerges consciously or unconsciously each time you focus on something positive? It’s something I call “yes, but …” or “tail” of an affirmation.

By repeating positive affirmations, we can repeat negative statements 10, 20, 30 times or more a day (if only in our heads), depending on your ambition. Ouch! Certainly, our “tails” are not a good thing to integrate more deeply.

The irony is that statements work if we believe them and if we believe them, we may not need them. Law?

I do not want you to wait to heal … until it’s too late and you have more remorse than good memories. The time to heal is now! I want you to decide that you will make the first decisive step towards healing … and that it will not be to get rid of the root of the problem: our thinking. It is best to start with confirmation.

The more a statement is repeated consciously or differently, the faster and more effectively it manifests in your observable, individual, and likely to be lived reality.

An excellent time to repeat affirmations with as much sincerity and emotion as possible is about to fall asleep at night and soon after waking up in the morning before getting up. At this point, your conscious mind communicates the most with your subconscious mind, and therefore with the internal areas of causal energy.

Repeat the confirmation throughout the day, note the confirmation on the stationery and place copies of your confirmation at home, repeat the confirmation frequently and whenever you want. If you use a PC for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to have a copy of your confirmation on your PC desktop with appropriate software. You may not always notice the recognition, but it will still be integrated into your subconscious, where it can take effect.

The level of exposure for positive affirmations depends directly on your success. The higher your visibility, the greater your success.

If you submit statements once a week or once a month, you will hardly notice the results, if any.


Because your brain is not getting enough momentum to change direction.

Imagine, you have to move a stone. You will not make a slight push and expect more magic, right?

You must use enough force to move it away from rest, then have enough power to move it in the desired direction.

Same with your negative thought. You must have enough positive affirmations to get results.

Performance is not just in numbers, but in frequency. So, if you do something every day, you get results. Good results, consistent and growing.


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