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There’s Speculation That Meghan Markle May Be Headed For A Career In Fashion

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If you’ve spent the last few years coveting Meghan Markle‘s fashion, you’re not alone. She has a signature style that’s sharp and on trend while incorporating classic elements. She also has connections in fashion, which leads some to believe that Meghan may venture into the industry.

Meghan’s friend, designer Misha Nonoo, posted about a new collaboration recently that many are hoping is a collab with Meghan. “Hi guys we are planning a very special collaboration and we want to hear from you what you think it might be. So DM us!” she shared.

Other possibilities as to what Meghan might do next are floating around. Some believe that Netflix is courting Harry and Meghan for a production deal, similar to what the Obamas have. Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said he was interested in having them come aboard as producing partners, so it’s not out of the question.

There’s also the matter of whether or not Harry and Meghan will stay in Canada. A Netflix deal might have the couple relocating to Los Angeles, where Meghan grew up. Malibu has also been floated as a possibility, as Meghan has many friends in the area.

Whatever happens next, the royal family will keep a close eye on their moves. “The royal family are very concerned about Harry and Meghan being accused of cashing in on their associations with the royal family or, indeed, monetizing the monarchy,” royal expert Victoria Arbiter told Inside Edition.

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