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These 12 Holiday Gifts Are Under $30 And Perfect For The Home Chef In Your Life

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Cooking is one of the best hobbies you can pick up since it’s useful in everyday life. Whether you’re cooking up a nice breakfast for yourself, or a turkey for Thanksgiving, it’s a valuable skill you can always rely on. And thanks to reality television, cooking is more popular than ever. It’s possible the home chef in your life got started due to shows like Chopped or Masterchef, both of which wonderfully combines cooking ideas with entertainment.

Home chefs are always in need of good supplies, especially if they’re cooking for a crowd. If you have your own budding chef in the family, you might be thinking about all the great gifts you can buy them this holiday season. Yet if it’s a skill they’re just starting to hone, you might not want to go straight to the really expensive stuff, like All-Clad. With cooking, many chefs slowly build their collection once they find out what they actually need and use.

That said, there are still plenty of gifts under $30 that they’ll cherish. Do they need any measuring cups? Of course. That’s the kind of item that often goes missing. How about spatulas and whisks? Those will also get a ton of use. Even a salt cellar will help your chef become even better.

Still thinking of a creative gift idea? Here are 12 things your home chef will love.

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