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These Stories Of Teens Lost At Sea Are So Wild That Some People Think Their Rescues Are Miracles

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The idea of being lost at sea is truly terrifying for most people. The vastness of a body of water becomes apparent really quickly and it can be really scary. Now, imagine experiencing that kind of situation as a teen?

One 19-year-old found himself lost at sea for nearly 50 days. He was working on a floating fishing trap. It broke free of its moorings, leaving the teen stranded. He tried to flag down boats he encountered, but none noticed him. His food supply ran out after just a week, so he had to rely on survival techniques. Fish and seawater kept him alive until he was rescued 1,200 miles from where he started in Indonesia. He was rescued near Guam. Though exhausted, he is expected to be okay.

Another teen set out on a kayaking trip with her family. The fun-filled outing turned terrifying when she was separated from them. What’s worse, she lost her paddle after being struck by the wake of a passing boat. The Coast Guard searched for the distressed teen by water and by air for nearly four hours before she was safely rescued.

A third teen found herself stranded, but this time on land. The 18-year-old survived eight days in a forest in Seattle after her car ran out of gas. Though she had her cell phone, the police couldn’t track her through it because she was stuck in an area with no reception. Thankfully, she left a trail of her things so that rescuers could find her. She was famished and dehydrated but is also expected to fully recover.

“It’s every parents’ worst nightmare to have something like this happen, not knowing where your kid is,” her parents told Inside Edition.

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