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These Trunk Or Treat Decorations From Party City Might Just Save Halloween 2020

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We’re all a little bit lost on how to handle celebrating Halloween this year. And it’s really a tough one, because for most kids, Halloween is their absolute favorite holiday! I mean, dressing up as a person or character they love and tromping around the neighborhood to pick up loads of free candy — who wouldn’t be a fan? For adults, it’s a pretty social event, too. But of course, this year, it’s going to look a bit different.

It’s a total bummer that we can’t carry on as usual this year, but Party City is here to help. The party goods retailer just launched a super-adorable line of Trunk or Treat decorations, and it might just be the thing that saves Halloween 2020!

Now, the idea of decorating the trunk of your car has been around for a while. But this is pretty next level. This year, it could function as a great replacement for kids coming up to neighbors’ doorsteps. Instead, they can grab candy from the backs of cars and still get the experience of walking around the neighborhood in their costumes. Meanwhile, neighbors can watch from a safe distance, without having to actually come in contact with dozens of kids. It’s a win-win!

Luckily, there are plenty of decoration sets to choose from, so if you get your neighbors in on the action, every car can look completely different and festive!

Check out the adorable decorations like the Spider-Man set, the Frozen set, the Trolls World Tour set, or The Nightmare Before Christmas set. Prices range from $54.99 to $74.99, depending on which set you choose. But no matter what your kids are into, these adorable decorations are bound to make Halloween this year special despite being a bit different!

Shop all of the Trunk or Treat decoration sets now at Party City!

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