This Woman Has Over 200 Plants In Her Apartment And Zero Regrets

Plants are wonderful for so many reasons. Not only do they help brighten up any living space, but many help clean the air. And, of course, they provide the oxygen necessary to survive. But, how many is too many?

Don’t ask Allesia Resta, since she wouldn’t be able to tell you. Living in an apartment and giving herself the title of “Apartment Botanist,” Allesia has 200 plants and counting. She said that her plant obsession happened around college. But it was when she started working from home when she realized they helped her keep focused and happy.

In 2017, she started learning more about the plants and researching them. Thus, her hobby turned into something more. And just like that, she turned her love of plants into a side career.

Allesia currently lives and works out of a 750 square foot apartment in New York. It’s a good place for her, her boyfriend, her two dogs, and her large collection of greenery. But by looking at her workspace, it seems more like she created an outdoor environment indoors. Having a lot of indoor plants can help with more than just oxygen and air quality. For many, they seem to help some of the symptoms of seasonal depression. Being able to look around surround yourself with flora is always a bonus.

To check out all of Allesia’s plants (and perhaps get some inspiration when it comes to ways to decorate your space with live flowers and succulents) watch this video from Allesia’s interview with The Doctors.

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