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This Woman Slept With Her Python Every Night Until Her Vet Made A Shocking Revelation

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There was a girl who has a snake as a pet. That was a Python whom she loved too much. It was almost 4 meters long and quite a healthy one.

However, one day the python stopped eating anything. The girl was too much worried about it and was desperate to know why her snake suddenly stopped eating.

She went to a vet and told him about the situation.

Listening to her the vet asked, “Do your snake sleep with you at night, wraps around her and stretch itself to its length?”

The girl happily replied, “My python just can’t sleep without me. However, since the time it stopped eating, it stretches itself all through the night. I can’t see it in such discomfort.”

What the vet next told her left her in a huge shock.

“The python didn’t stop eating due to any kind of sickness but was preparing to eat the next prey”.

He explained that each time the snake used to roll around her body, it was actually checking her size and what a great meal she was. And how prepared it has to be for the attack.

It was just not eating to make up enough space for the next meal. That will be easy to digest and swallow.

Sometimes, people who are close to you and cuddling with you are not your real friends. It is hard to identify what their real intentions are.

But some of them are no less than a snake who would poison your life and consumes you all without you even knowing.

You need to separate yourself from such people and cut them out of your life before they could spread their venom all in you.