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Travel Blogger Surprises His Girlfriend By Proposing To Her Underwater: ‘We Were Meant To Be’

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Travel bloggers Kody Workman and Kelly Castille were on an underwater dive together in Jamaica when Kody worked up the nerve to pull off a plan he’d been scheming for a while: an underwater proposal!

The pair were filming swimming underwater for their popular Instagram account Positravelty when Kody pulled out a ring. He shared what happened in a lengthy post on Instagram:

To my Kelly: From the second we met, the moment that changed my life, to this day when your ‘YES’ made it complete I have always known it was you I was meant to be with. You are so beautiful, so bold and ever-inspiring. I have never once hesitated to continue our journey together, a story now compiled of wild, beautiful memories and moments we have often captured through the lens on our adventures across the planet.”

He continues:

“I have always admired your intrigue, your willingness to take a chance, to risk it all – certain that the destination always warrants the journey. Of all the adventures we have been on, all the unbelievable destinations we have explored, this is the one that excites me the most. I can’t imagine a life without you and I feel so honored to be loved by you. You are my best friend and my whole world. I love you, I love us and I LOVE our story!”

Kody and Kelly also explained on Please Share On Facebook/Pinterest why they wanted to share their story with their followers.

“We debated keeping this video to ourselves but today, after staying so quiet, we just couldn’t contain it. We are honored to share this intimate moment with you because we love you all as well.”

You can see the proposal in the video below!

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