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Two Different Pilots Report Seeing A Man In A Jetpack While In The Midst Of Flight

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Pilots likely have some incredible stories to share at parties or gatherings. Not many of us have the privilege of flying across the ocean and getting paid for it. However, two different pilots saw something that seems pretty amazing, yet is actually somewhat alarming — a guy in a jetpack.

Sure, jetpacks may seem like a lot of fun. For the risk-takers among us, surely they’d give one a try if given the opportunity. But having a man at the same height as an airplane can be dangerous for many reasons. For one, if the man accidentally gets too close to the engine of the plane, disaster could strike for both parties.

The Federal Aviation Administration is baffled by what happened. A pilot from American Airlines was the first to report on it.

“Tower, American 1997 — we just passed a guy in a jetpack,” the pilot of American Airlines flight 1997 from Philadelphia said to air traffic controllers. At the time, it was approximately 6:35 p.m. on a Sunday, so they still should have had a bit of daylight. The pilot said that the man was spotted approximately 300 yards from the left of the plane.

Soon after, a pilot from JetBlue reported the same man. “Only in L.A.,” the controller reportedly said to the pilot mid-flight.

Seeing a jetpack so high was quite a scene for the pilots, as well as air traffic controllers. Typically, the amount of fuel that a jetpack requires wouldn’t have allowed the jetpack to get very high. But it looks like someone found a way around that. Still, others believe that while pilots have excellent eyesight, they may have been mistaken. If what they saw was actually a drone, that would make a lot more sense.

Watch the video to learn more about what happened.

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