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Woman And Her Tiny Dog Chase Robbers From Home After They Try To Rob Her Twice In 24 Hours

A woman residing in Rancho Cordova, California, had enough of robbers targeting her home. Cheryl Rains’ home was first burglarized on a Saturday. The thieves pried open a storage locker and stole about $700 worth of power tools and carbon fiber drop handlebars for a racing bike.

“So I’m out there, totally vulnerable, swimming, and they’re robbing me out there and I don’t even know it,” Cheryl explained in footage provided by Fox40. After the incident, she went out and got new, stronger locks for the storage locker. She also had her dog, Licori, on patrol.

Cheryl couldn’t believe it when she was working in her garage before dawn the next morning and heard some noise she couldn’t make sense of. She suspected it was the robbers again and was prepared for a confrontation.

“I was tired of being ripped off and I wanted my stuff back and they came back again,” she said.

Wearing a green onesie, Cheryl ran to chase the crooks. “I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m being robbed again.’ So I just threw everything down and I just ran after them,” she explained.

Cheryl has been a lifelong runner. She also lives with Marfan syndrome and a foot deformation. Her running isn’t what it once was since she suffers from autoimmune and platelet disorders, as well as multiple sclerosis. Still, she appears impressive in the footage that shows her chasing the robbers off. She says that she learned to stand up for herself and her community no matter what from her grandmother.

“My grandma hid Jews growing up and I just watched from my family evil prevails when you do nothing. It’s just an instinct,” she explained. “No one’s gonna fight your battles, you just got to do it.”

Unfortunately, Cheryl wasn’t able to catch up with the robbers. Police are still looking out for the men responsible.

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