Yoga Has Healed My Soul During The Health Crisis And I Would Recommend It As A Form Of Therapy

Yoga was always something I dabbled in. And by dabbled in, I mean “practiced for 10 minutes a day, maybe twice a week.” For years, I had suffered from back pain and I figured that yoga was the only solution.

To be honest, it wasn’t. I had a slipped disc that required surgery, which is why that pain had never gone away. After that was taken care of, I — foolishly — put yoga to rest. I had a toddler on my hands, and it was just hard to devote time to myself the way I wanted. But, this year I realized how important devoting time really was.

The last time I saw my dad was in December, for our family Christmas party. I never thought that’d be the last time I’d see him. While his health history included a few big scares in the past, I never would have expected his health to decline during such a scary time for the world. He didn’t have coronavirus, but it kept me from seeing him. It kept me from visiting and being able to hold his hand during his stay at the hospital.

My dad and I were quite close, with long phone calls multiple times during the week. We talked about everything — on Wednesdays, we gossiped about Survivor prior to the show airing. On Fridays, we recapped what happened. We discussed the family, and he kept me updated on everything going on. He and I discussed politics, a topic I had only recently felt comfortable having an intellectual conversation about (as, I only felt my interest grow in 2008.) But, he never told me about his doctor’s appointments.

In fact, one day he told me that if something serious happened, he probably wouldn’t tell me. “I wouldn’t want to worry you,” he said. That comment, alone, was worrisome.

After my dad passed away in July, I knew that I was very capable of unraveling right then and there. That’s when my husband suggested that I check out a studio that was literally two minutes away from where we lived. It was within walkable distance, and as he said, they offered outdoor classes.

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