50 Years After Parents Had To Give Up Her Autistic Brother, Teacher Turns Old House Into Haven

Sometimes, compassion is contagious. No one proves this more than the amazing teacher you’re about to meet.

Tracy Lynn’s brother, Shannon, was born with developmental delays and behavioral problems. Growing up, his issues became increasingly severe; he’d climb on furniture, find his way into dangerous appliances, and never sat still enough to ensure his own safety, or the safety of his siblings.

Eventually, Tracy’s parents were faced with a gut-wrenching decision: either put her sister up for adoption, or place Shannon in a facility where he could be cared for by more equipped professionals.

Today, Tracy is a dedicated special education teacher from Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Because of her own experiences with her brother, she developed a passion for helping children with special needs.

Two years back, Tracy was speaking to a mother who was facing a similar decision to the one her parents had to make 50 years ago, but with her own son. The boy’s mother felt helpless and lacked ample resources.

“I have to do something,’ Tracy told herself.

And so, Tracy decided to transform an old three-story house into a beautiful, safe haven for children with autism and their families — families who want to keep their children home but are on the brink of residential placement.

“If my family had this house, Shannon would have stayed with us forever,” Tracy says.

Volunteers have flocked to help Tracy with the demolition and construction of Shannon’s House, which she named after her brother.

Watch the video below to see what Shannon’s House will have to offer… it’s pretty incredible.

If you would like to help or learn more, please visit the GoFundMe page set up for Shannon’s House.

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