Life Stories

A Woman Goes To The Store To Buy A Parrot –

A woman goes to the store to buy a parrot as a family pet.

As she walks into the pet shop, she asks the owner,

“How much are your parrots?”

The owner replies,

“The orange one is $150, the yellow one is $150 and the red one is $30.”

The woman asks,

“Why is the red one so cheap?”

The owner replies,

“He used to work at a strip club.”

The woman decides to buy the parrot and brings it home to the family.

After bringing it home the parrot says

“wow, you have a lovely house.”

The wife then introduces him to the children.

The parrot says

“You have very nice children.”

Finally, when the wife introduces him to her husband, the parrot says,

“I haven’t seen him since last week!”