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Avoid Posting Your Personal Problems On Social Media

Social network is where people get connected, share and learn something new from the others. Even strangers with geographical, cultural or linguistic distance can easily become friends on social networks.

However, there are personal issues that are regularly posted on social media. There are harmless news, but there are information that really should not be public in open spaces like social networks.

Because only you can understand comprehensively your own personal problems. And only you know how to solve them and you have to do it yourself.

Moreover, you should not take your own personal issues as a way to attract people’s attention. Because as a matter of fact, everyone has their own problems and concerns. You are not the center of everything to make everyone care about you.

The attentions of strangers, if any, are their curiosities rather than their concerns. So be conscious and think twice before posting something private or personal on the social networks.