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City of Chicago prepares for legalized marijuana by inspecting new dispensaries

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CHICAGO — The City of Chicago is preparing for the legalization of recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, and city officials are inspecting all the new dispensaries, to make sure they’re following all of the rules.

The city has 11 dispensaries, which right now, only sell medicinal marijuana. But soon they will be able to sell to most adults. Chicago officials spent Friday inside of them making sure all i’s are dotted t’s are crossed before the new year.

The department of business affairs and consumer protection led Friday’s raids. They are not only looking to make sure these dispensaries have the required business licenses but also that they are following safety rules such as making sure their buildings are up to code and there are no safety hazards on the premises.

The city said while the state is leading the way with legalization the city wants to make sure everything runs smoothly locally.

If some of the dispensaries are found to be in violation of city code, they won’t get in trouble. The city said it will partner with them to make sure they get back on track.