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Here’s How I Made My Daughter’s Birthday Special While Social Distancing

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Since I was a child, my father has told me how important it is for me to count my blessings. When you’re younger, you might not understand the impact of such a ritual.  Thus, my “blessings” then were usually about a good meal or a satisfactory grade at school. These days, I’m thankful that we’re all just safe — and that my daughter isn’t at an age where I have to fully explain to her everything that’s happening in the world. She’s too young to comprehend it.

I was also thankful for the fact that my daughter’s birthday, which was just a week ago, wasn’t a big disappointment given the circumstances. At the age of 3, my daughter has friends, but none of them would actually expect a party invitation. She, herself, has never had a big birthday celebration before. Usually, it’s my husband and me, plus a small cake. I can’t imagine what it would be like to cancel a full-fledged party, even though that has been happening worldwide on a daily basis. Birthdays are a big deal, especially when you’re younger. It’s the only day on the calendar that’s truly yours.

No matter what, I still wanted to celebrate my daughter’s birthday as best as I could. She deserves to know how proud we are that she’s now a threenager. So here’s what my husband and I did to make it special.

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