Never See another Spider in Your Home

If you hate spiders as much as I do follow these 5 quick tips and you’ll never see another spider in your home again! You can buy over-the-counter insect repellents however natural repellents are much more efficient. Plus they do not contain any of the chemicals you’ll find in store-bought products! Which means they are much safer to use in your house Citrus Spiders hate citrus fruits! So get some lemon essential oil. Also try rubbing some peels of lemons and oranges on areas where spiders usually appear, eg around windows.


Place a cedar block in your closet to repel spiders away from your clothes. Alternatively, you could purchase cedar hangers to get rid of spiders, as well as moths.

White Vinegar Not just good for cleaning, the smell keeps mosquitoes and spiders away. You can prepare a natural repellent spray, by mixing 1 part vinegar in two parts water, in a spray bottle, and spray all around the house.


Chestnuts (and other tree nuts) Tree nuts like chestnuts, walnuts, and horse chestnuts are effective in repelling spiders as well. Their scent includes a chemical that spiders cannot tolerate. You should place several on the windowsills and you will quickly solve this issue!

Keep it clean!

The easiest of all. Go around with a duster to get rid of any webs. A regular de-clutter will help keep on top of any dust and cobwebs as well as cleaning under any furniture and hoovering. Also clean outside of the house. If you have a lawn, it should be cleaned of leaves, sticks, and clippings. These are perfect breeding grounds for spiders. Plus check around to see if you have any gaps in the doors or window sills that might be helping the spiders to get in.

Hopefully all these tips help and you’ll never see another spider in your home again!