Please Remove Lairs.

Thank you, God for removing these people from my life. There is a reason why things happen.

This is God speaking in response to your prayer; I gave you the ability to reason deductively, to learn from for past, and free will to choose your direction in life. You decided to attempt forcing your will to correct others with ill intent, over leaving them to their own folly. You chose to follow the depleted intellect of the masses over your own logic. And instead of turning from those with the will to harm you, you revisit them expecting better than they have shown themselves capable. You don’t appreciate these precious gifts I’ve given you to achieve the thing you now ask of me to provide you. I have given you this already and you rejected it. What you now have is what you have toiled to have and hold. You already have this power and more within you.


We sometimes need a friend, a true friend. Over the years I have found that your very best friend of all is, YOU. It’s Ok to look in the mirror and see that person. That reflection, YOU, who knows your secrets, your triumphs, your failures. That reflection of YOU is the only one who knows what is in your soul.


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