This 17-Year-Old Girl From Texas Has The Longest Legs In The World

When you’re a teenager, it’s tough being different. But one 17-year-old girl from Austin, Texas, says she wouldn’t change a thing about the way she looks.

Her name is Maci, and she stands tall at 6 feet, 10 inches. She towers over her own mother and just about everyone she knows. But she isn’t just tall — her legs are the longest in the world, accounting for about 60% of her body. Of course, it can’t be easy, but Maci has an amazing attitude about her height!

She told Inside Edition that people often ask her if she’d prefer to be shorter, since being so tall makes her pretty different from her friends. But Maci says that she likes her body just the way it is. She actually hopes she can inspire other tall girls to stand proudly, too!

Her mom says that Maci grew a ton each year to get to the height she is now. “Where a normal child would grow about two inches a year, she would always grow three, four, five inches every year consistently,” she said.

Of course, there are some perks to being so tall, like being able to always reach the top shelf and being able to stop a ceiling fan with her hand. But regardless, it’s hard to be different. Maci obviously isn’t just tall — she’s an incredibly big person who can teach us all a thing or two about loving ourselves just the way we were made.

For more on her story, check out the video.

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