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Value of your tears

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Never CRY for that person who doesn’t know the value of your tears.

Never cry for a person that takes you for granted. A person that’s not real in his feelings towards you. Loves you for a moment & never care about your love & loyalty to be with him . It’s a waste to cry for him; & never forget someone out there is worth to be with.

Crying is good it relieves stress and also shows you’re a human that’s been gifted with feelings. Sometimes we need to cry to release the pain then after those tears we stand still and move on to the next journey of our life.

Don’t waste your time. if someone don’t appreciate you or he can’t value you forget it. God’s love us we are worthy in the eyes of God. Love ourself God is enough look foward don’t try to see your back. 

Don’t spend time to someone who don’t appreciate your worth. Do something to look somebody who will accept who you are, no matter what.

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