You See A Person’s True Colors

People often treat others based on how they relate to you. There are people who love and treat you unconditionally. There are also people who depend on your worth to them to treat you.

They treat you warmly because you bring benefits to them. They are kind to you because being kind to you will help them get something from you. But that is just the mask that they made for their own benefit.
Only when you are nothing to them, you bring no benefits to them, they will show their real face; they will show their real emotions and behaviors to you. If they really love you and care about you, they will never leave you in any circumstances.
However, how sad that for all the time, they were just using you, and they will quickly turn back and treat you as if you are a stranger to them. When you are nothing to them, they don’t even need to pretend to be friendly.
So, if one day, you are dropped in that situation when you have got nothing for anyone to use, that is the time you could actually see through the others’ dignity and the real nature of the relationship between you and them.