90+ Funny Relationship Quotes

Are you looking for funny relationship quotes for your vows, reading, or speech during your wedding? Here, we have the real deal!
Use these funny relationship quotes to steer clear of clichés and awkward silences.
These funny relationship quotes contain both laughter and affection, which are two things we all adore! Love is a strong and profound feeling. It is among the things that most of us look for during our entire lives.

Writing a speech for a wedding can be scary, so don’t hesitate to seek advice or ideas from others.

Almost everyone can connect to funny quotes about love and funny relationship quotes, which makes them ideal to make sure laughter in speeches or readings without requiring you to make a joke about someone in particular.

We at Clicky News are going to present you with a list of the top 90+ funny relationship quotes that are ideal for writing on a wedding card or offering to someone in person on the big day.

Best Funny Relationship Quotes

It’s not all serious; as every fantastic romantic comedy has shown, there is a fun side to love. These funny relationship quotes are ideal for Instagram captions and can even be used as part of a wedding speech (only keep in mind those getting married have a good sense of humor)!

While we appreciate a good love and marriage quote, we also believe it’s always a good idea to sprinkle in some funny relationship quotes during readings, speeches, and wedding vows, because, as everyone knows, laughter is the best medicine.

  • The best method to get most men to do something is by saying that they are too old to do it.
  • What is the most effective strategy to encourage your hubby to remember your anniversary? Get married on his birthday.
  • We got married for better or worse. I could not have done better, and she could not have done worse.
  • Marry someone your age; as your attractiveness decreases, so will his eyesight.
  • Husbands and wives are very annoying. But without them, who would we blame for losing our socks?
  • Before we married, I snatched her in my arms. Now I’ve got her in my pockets.
  • The most brilliant thing I ever did was convince my wife to get married.
  • When a husband opens a car door for his wife, it either means a new car or a new wife.
  • Please, don’t eat me. I’m married and have children. Eat them all!
  • A separate bathroom is one of the secrets to a happy marriage. When he walks into my bathroom, I sometimes wonder, ‘Why are you in here?’ And he says, “I live here.” Can I also use my bathroom?
  • It’s a good idea to force someone to use a slow internet computer to discover who they truly are before getting married.
  • Well, marriage is a marvelous invention, but then again, so is the bicycle repair kit.
  • A marriage is successful in Hollywood if it lasts longer than milk.
  • Marriage is similar to walking in a park. The Jurassic Park.
  • There are no guarantees in a marriage. Go live with a car battery if that’s what you’re searching for.
  • I got married for love, but having someone around to help me find my glasses is a clear bonus that can’t be overlooked.
  • Pause-live-TV is the greatest thing that has ever happened to marriage.
  • When two people are married, they become a couple, one who never forgets their anniversaries and one who always forgets them.
  • Marriage is similar to vitamins in that we complete each other’s daily needs.
  • Always marry in the morning. That way, if things don’t work out, you won’t have wasted the entire day.
  • To maintain your marriage full of love in the loving cup… Admit your mistakes when you make them, and keep quiet when you’re correct.
  • The most crucial four words in a happy marriage, are “I’ll do the dishes”.
  • A judge performed my marriage. It was wise of me to want a jury.
  • In marriage, there are many similarities to a game of chess, but the pieces are made of smoke, the board is always changing, and your moves have no effect on the result.
  • Why do people who are married live longer than those who are single? I believe the reason is that married people deliberately try to outlive their partners to be the ones with the last word.
  • Marriage is more than simply sharing a married life of devotion and passionate hugs; it also involves three meals a day and remembering to take out the garbage.
  • Our marriage is our last and best opportunity to grow up.
  • Keep in mind that creating a great marriage requires constant starting over every morning, much like farming.
  • Getting married is like giving up the admiration of many for the sarcasm of one.
  • Before I married, I had six theories about how to raise kids; now I have six kids but no theories.

Incredibly Funny Relationship Quotes

Funny relationship quotes are ideal for wedding speeches, anniversaries, and vows. They’re also great if you are looking for funny relationship quotes for a wedding reading, and you can always change up any quote by adding some details below to make the statement more specific to the individual you’re talking about.

  • Marriage provides no guarantees at all. If that’s what you’re looking for, start using a car battery.
  • I married for love, but the apparent advantage of having someone around to find my glasses can’t be overlooked.
  • When you observe a married couple strolling down the street, the person a few steps ahead is the one who is upset.
  • Husbands are like wine: they need an extended period to mature.
  • Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half closed thereafter.
  • My wife dresses to kill and cooks in the same style.
  • A man does not realize what happiness is until he marries. By that point, it is too late.
  • Murder occasionally, but divorce is not something my husband and I have ever discussed.
  • The psychologist that my wife is… She not only detects when I’m acting rudely, but she also recognizes the particular kind of rude behavior I’m showing.
  • When a man gives flowers to his wife for no apparent reason, there is a reason.
  • There is a term used for people who are always wrong in all aspects of life. Husband!
  • Being married is wonderful. Finding someone you want to irritate for the rest of your life is such a nice feeling.
  • People comment, “Jeez, it must be difficult to stay married in show business.” I believe it is difficult to stay married anywhere, but if you marry the correct person, it may work out.
  • Love is when you share your popcorn.
  • Romance is the frosting, but love is the cake.
  • One cricket remarked to another, “Come on, let us be silly, and say love.”
  • Romantic love is a psychological disorder. But it’s a pleasant one.
  • Don’t express love at the garden’s gate; love is blind, but the neighbors aren’t.
  • Telling someone that her wig looks too fake or that his zipper is open is what love is all about.
  • Spend a few minutes each day listening to your partner. No matter how trivial his concerns appear to you.
  • Love is a two-way street that is continually under construction.
  • A relationship becomes complex because of the people in it, not because of love.
  • Even if you only go on dates occasionally, make sure you have a date night because most of the time
  • you’re just too exhausted and would rather go to sleep.
  • We hold hands all the time. She goes shopping if I release her.
  • There are mornings when I wake up grumpy. On other mornings, I simply let her sleep.
  • The best sign of a happy and healthy relationship is that there is no sign of it on Facebook.
  • What differentiates the differences between a boyfriend and a husband? About thirty pounds.
  • If someone is angry with you, put on a cape and tell them, “Now you’re super mad!” And if they laugh, marry them.

Funny Relationship Quotes About Love

Life isn’t the same without humor. We can make our moments together with our loved ones even more special and memorable by adding a little humor to our words and deeds. And when it comes to love quotations, funny relationship quotes are frequently the best of all.

Whether you’re looking for funny relationship quotes to share with your husband or wife or simply want to laugh out loud you’ll discover the best funny love quotes here.

  • A good relationship is one in which both partners secretly believe they received the best deal.
  • It’s incredible how one day someone enters your life and the next you wonder how you survived without them and how you live with them.
  • As a male in a relationship, you have a decision between being right and being happy.
  • Newton’s Law of Love states that love is an eternal emotion that cannot be created or destroyed. But it can create a girlfriend who can destroy wallets.
  • When reality eventually surpasses your dreams and you find yourself unable to sleep, you know you’re in love.
  • Could you kiss me? I’ll return it, I swear.
  • People fall in love for a variety of reasons other than gravity.
  • I have no concern about how many people exist in this world; all I want is you! And this is the end of the story.
  • Most women want someone to make them laugh while also making them feel safe. A clown ninja.
  • You cannot shine like a diamond if you are not willing to be cut like it!
  • A smile is an affordable way to improve your appearance.
  • There are three ways to become popular in life: be wealthy, be attractive, or be humorous.
  • Except when milk leaks from my nose, I am grateful for laughter.
  • There are just three things women require in life: food, water, and praise.
  • When you realize that you want to live out the rest of your days with someone, you want the rest of your days to start as quickly as possible.
  • Telling someone they have visible hair extensions is a sign of love.
  • It is impossible to place a price tag on love. However, if you could, I’d wait till it went on sale.
  • Whatever you do, I will always adore you, but do you need to do this much?
  • Could you please rephrase the question if love is the answer?
  • The key to any relationship is honesty. That’s it, you’re in if you can fake it.
  • In my opinion, a deaf man and a blind lady would make the happiest marriage.
  • Love is just like a backache in that it does not show up on X-rays, but you are aware of its presence, you know it is there.
  • A judge performed my marriage ceremony. I should have called for a jury.
  • Love cannot be priced, but all of its accessories can be.
  • More than everything in the entire universe combined, I love you.
  • Love has the power to transform someone in the same way that a parent might change a newborn – uncomfortably and frequently with a lot of mess.
  • Love acts like an hourglass; the heart fills up, the brain drains.
  • I believe that if you are in love with something put it in a tiny cage and show it nothing but love until it either dies or falls in love with you.
  • Like is the same as love, but love makes you feel sexier.
  • You are likely in love if you adore them in the morning when their eyes are full of crust and in the evening when their hair is full of rollers.
  • While she may wait for the proper man to show up, a girl can still enjoy herself immensely with all the wrong men in the meantime.


Well, there you have it. We hope you found the best funny relationship quotes, funny relationship quotes about love, and funny love quotes you were searching for.

Love is a very complex emotion! We both love and appreciate the different characteristics of our partners. A sense of humor is something that some people search for in their partner.  Life is much simpler to go through when your companion can make you laugh!

Funny relationship quotes can be useful for weddings, dates, and inviting a girl or a boy out for a walk. Plus, it’s a fantastic opening act! We’ve gathered funny relationship quotes at Clicky News for your convenience.

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