85 Heartfelt Quotes About Kids Growing Up

It seems like childhood is an endless stage of a child’s life when they are little and they are tired. However, the years will pass and your child will be moving out and growing up before you know it. Thoughtful quotes about kids growing up might help you preserve the special times from their early years. Much quicker than you could imagine, it happens.

You can remember the good old days when you brought home a little bundle of joy wrapped in a blanket by reading quotes about kids growing up. You recognize how quickly time passes, and before you know it; your small child is walking independently and yelling out mama/mommy and “dada/daddy.”

Being a part of the journey is truly a blessing, as it is filled with unexpected moments, curiosity, learning, and amazement. Parents frequently take a seat back and remember the days when their child was a newborn. Yet, maturing brings with it unique experiences and marvels.

Explore Clicky News‘ carefully curated collection of quotes about kids growing up to help you capture the joyous recollections of your child’s early years.

Best Quotes about Kids Growing Up

Sometimes you feel like your child will never grow up. You look forward to those moments that ease your life a little bit, like when they stop using their pacifier or sleep through the night. But as the years pass, you begin to miss those priceless times when your child was a young child. Think about these quotes about kids growing up that highlight how quickly people mature.

  • Kids eventually get embarrassed by cherished kisses as well as needed hugs.
  • Every minute provides a fresh opportunity to create a memory together.
  • The pace with which children grow up violates the laws of time.
  • When they are young, you want them to mature. You want them to be small even when they grow up.
  • The period of innocence and childish wonder is far too brief.
  • Hold your infant close and breathe in deeply. Today is rapidly becoming tomorrow.
  • As a parent, pausing and taking it all in is critical.
  • Always value each tiny snuggle; there will always be a last one as your children grow up.
  • Childhood is such a fleeting time in the greater scheme of life. Enjoy every single one of them.
  • Being a parent and seeing your children grow up is challenging. The process is simultaneously short and lengthy.
  • The last small things your child says, like “carry me,” “get me water,” or “hug me,” and how much you miss them are things that a growing child doesn’t warn you about.
  • Appreciate the tiny, insignificant times. They develop into enduring recollections.
  • In the blink of an eye, children grow up and become adults. Make every moment count by keeping it in mind.
  • Childhood is merely a brief moment in the grandeur of time.

Amazing Quotes About Kids Growing Up

Having children is a life-changing experience. You wouldn’t have it any other way, despite all the early wake-ups, busy schedules, and tantrums. You could not imagine your life without your child because they introduced you to a whole new kind of love. However, it’s not always simple to find the perfect words to express how much you adore your children. This is the reason behind the quotes about kids growing up that we have found below. These are ideal for birthday cards, additions to children’s gifts, or any other occasion. Simply select your preferred option from the list below.

  • You outgrew my lap but not my heart, my dear son.
  • You have never been a parent if your child has never disliked you.
  • Let them be small since they will only be small for a short time.

    kids growing up quotes
    kids growing up quotes
  • You don’t always realize how valuable a moment is until it becomes a memory.
  • Parents can only give good guidance and point them in the correct direction; the final shaping of a person’s character is entirely up to them.
  • When youngsters begin to ask questions with answers, they are maturing.
  • Your children may forget what you said as they grow, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
  • The lonely nest comes rapidly. Do not waste your most valuable luxury of being involved in your children’s lives.
  • Once a mother, always a mother. No matter how old the kids are, they will always remain your adorable baby in your eyes!
  • Your son will always be your baby boy, and your daughters will always be your little princesses!
  • I wish I had spent more time with my children as they grew up.
  • The greatest present you can offer your children is your time, love, and care.
  • Although they have all grown up, I can still hear their lovely voices and remember how they used to laugh and their conversation. I can’t get it out of my head. My kids are my everything.
  • We deprive kids of the experience that comes from solving their own difficulties when we offer them advice or quick fixes.
  • Cherish the simple cuddles and hold on to those short moments. How quickly they mature!

Quotes about Son Growing Up

Sons have the ability to instantly win your heart. Your tiny guy will be an adult before you know it. The transition from a newborn to a boy to a man can be difficult for a parent’s heart to process. Make the most of the time you spend with your little batter by using these quotes about your son growing up.

  • I still feel like I missed the moment you turned into a man.
  • One day you’ll be an adult, but for now, I’ll enjoy the cuddles.
  • With your kid, take a blanket-covered seat and look up at the sky; before long, your little one will be an adult.
  • Your young boy will carry a small piece of your heart with him forever, even after he grows up and moves out of the house.
  • Any moment is worthwhile as long as it brings you happiness.
  • Don’t ever delay doing something until tomorrow. We are creating memories now with your son.
  • The wonder of childhood makes parents happy when their children grow up to be teenagers.
  • I close my eyes in grief and think of you, my dear son.

    kids growing up quotes
    kids growing up quotes
  • The most appropriate way to celebrate your son’s journey to adulthood is to embrace the turning points in his life and acknowledge it with a heart full of love and pride.
  • The journey from infancy to young adulthood is a touching tale that we get to see every day, from a little infant to a young adult.
  • Witnessing the development of these wonderful children warms my heart.
  • Perfect kids are the ones who become imperfectly gorgeous grownups and carve out a special place for themselves in life.
  • The most fascinating tales are woven from the little things.
  • Seeing these wonderful children grow makes me feel warm as they begin on their adult path.

Quotes about Daughter Growing Up

Time goes by so quickly. I love you so much, lovely angel. She’s grown up now. Tell your loved ones and friends how mature your sweetie has become.

  • You were such a happy baby girl, full of energy and eager to try new things, it feels like only yesterday. You are now separated from me by that adventure.
  • You changed from being a cute, happy infant to a witty, intelligent adult in the blink of an eye.
  • Just yesterday, you needed me to help you tie your shoelaces, and now I’m getting you a car.
  • The day I always imagined for you has finally arrived.
  • There is both wonder and anxiety in watching your baby girl grow into an adult.
  • You will always be my baby, even when you grow up.
  • More than expensive things, your daughter will recall the times you sat for her to do her makeup and braid her hair. These are the memories she will always treasure.
  • It was a miracle that came to pass far too soon to watch you grow up.
  • The biggest inspiration I have is my daughter.

    kids growing up quotes
    kids growing up quotes
  • The mom whose firstborn child is a girl is lucky.
  • Girls are always happy to get their mother’s appreciation. And girls are always surrounded by their father’s love.
  • Every girl is a unique kind of flower.
  • To me, she is everything; she is my dearest friend. I’ve always faced off against the world alone with her.
  • No matter how old she gets, my daughter will always be my baby girl.
  • If I could give my daughter three things, they would be the confidence to always recognize her own value, the strength to pursue her aspirations, and the ability to know how sincerely and dearly loved she is.
  • My kid did not ruin my life; rather, she gave it a new start.
  • That girl is a magician.
  • I’ve never had a doubt. You have my heart. I totally believe in you. My beloved one. My purpose for being alive.

More Quotes about Kids Growing Up

Children grow up in the blink of an eye. And everything you teach them, nurture, and look after them throughout that period has a big impact on who they become as adults. Give your children photo books with a special quote added to them so they can reminisce about their early years. The following quotes about kids growing up are all focused on that exact topic:

  • You want them to grow up while they are still young. When they are older, you want them to be small.
  • Hold your child close to you and breathe them in. Today is turning into tomorrow at an alarming rate.
  • Those modest, sweet moments turned into valuable memories without my knowledge.

    kids growing up quotes
    kids growing up quotes
  • It’s difficult for parents to watch their children grow up. It is both a long and a brief process.
  • When your child grows, they don’t warn you about the last tiny moments, like the last ‘carry me,’ ‘bring me water,’ or ‘hug me,’ and how much you’ll miss them.
  • Children are only young for a brief moment before they mature into adults. Make sure that every minute counts.
  • I’ve loved you from the first time I saw you. But as I’ve witnessed you grow, my love for you has grown exponentially.
  • Those tiny feet won’t stay small forever.
  • Days are lengthy but years are brief.
  • If your days as a mother feel long and dull, keep in mind that it is only a matter of time before their wings are ready to fly.
  • Being able to see your children’s children grow up is a true blessing from above.
  • While we make an effort to teach our children about life, they teach us what it is about.

Beautiful Quotes About Kids Growing Up

Kids grow up. When your children start to leave the nest, as a parent, you feel both proud and a little sad. It passes by so quickly that you may not know that cuddling up on the couch with them and their favorite movie may be your only opportunity to spend quality time with them before they “aren’t a baby anymore.” Enjoy these beautiful quotes about kids growing up.

  • You went from a happy infant to a stubborn toddler to a teenager in the span of a few short years.
  • Your innocent smiles giggles, and cuddles made my world happy.
  • Those brief yet priceless moments turned into priceless memories without my awareness.
  • I had assumed we would have a thousand more times together, but before I knew it, you were all adults.
  • You would ask for help with nothing at one point, and then you would need me for everything. The shift came about far too quickly.
  • It’s difficult for parents to watch their children grow up. The process is simultaneously lengthy and quick.
  • When your child is growing, they do not tell you about the last tiny moments, such as the last “hold me,” “get me water,” or “kiss me,” and how much you will miss them.
  • Treasure the modest, and unimportant They become the most lasting recollections.
  • Children are only young for a brief moment before they mature into adults. Make sure that every minute counts.
  • Childhood is simply a speck in the sand of time.


The sensation you get when you see your child grow is difficult to put into words. Your child’s need for you to hold and feed them seems to have happened just yesterday. They now give you a quick “bye” and run out the door.

Quotes about kids growing up can offer perspective, certainty, and hope, which can be comforting during trying times.

Parenting is a journey of growth and development, and watching your young ones become children is a bittersweet experience. You’ll feel less alone on this emotional rollercoaster after reading these heartfelt quotations about kids growing up too quickly.

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