150 Mother Teresa Quotes on Kindness

Welcome to Clicky News, where we believe that one quote can make the world a nicer and more compassionate place. Today, we are honored to delve into Mother Teresa’s immortal wisdom through her quotes on kindness. Mother Teresa’s life was a witness to the transformative power of kindness and affection, and her words continue to inspire and guide us on a road of generosity and charity. Join us as we delve into a collection of 150 inspiring Mother Teresa quotes that highlight the beauty of kindness and its tremendous impact on humanity. Let us go on this trip together to discover the extraordinary quotes of Mother Teresa, a great icon of compassion.

Mother Teresa Quotes Kindness

  1. “Share love with everyone you meet. Never let somebody come to you without leaving them happy.
  2. Kind words can be brief and simple to say, yet their reverberations are unending.”
  3. “Love is the greatest science in the world.”
  4. “We are only capable of doing little things with a lot of love.”
  5. “Every time you smile at someone, you are showing them love, giving them a gift, and doing something lovely.”

  1. “Let’s always greet one another with a smile since “love begins with a smile.”
  2. “Not all of us are capable of doing great things, but we can all do small things with great love.”
  3. “Don’t believe that true love needs to be remarkable to be real. We must learn to love without getting tired.
  4. “A smile brings about peace.”
  5. Kindness is a language that both the blind and the deaf can understand.”
  6. “How much love we put into giving, not how much we give, is what matters.”
  7. “What you do good today might not be remembered tomorrow. Do good anyway.

  1. “You cannot love people if you are judging them.”
  2. Everywhere you go, spread love. Never let anyone visit you who doesn’t leave happy.
  3. Love is a fruit that is always in season and is within everyone’s grasp”.
  4. “According to the blessings we have received; let’s help the dying, the impoverished, the lonely, and the unwanted; let’s not be ashamed or slow to do the humble task.”
  5. “It is much harder to satisfy the hunger for love than the hunger for bread.”
  6. “Words that don’t spread the gospel of Christ spread more darkness.”

  1. “Loneliness and the sense of being unloved are the two worst forms of poverty.”
  2. “Joy is a love-filled net through which you can catch souls.”
  3. “Love is not patronizing, and charity is not about pity; it is about love. Give your hand instead of your money because charity and love are the same thing.
  4. “God merely asks that you attempt; He doesn’t expect you to be successful.”
  5. “Do simple things with extraordinary love.”

  1. “God loves a cheerful giver, so the person who gives us the best giver.”
  2. Love is something we have inside of us; we only have to awaken it.
  3. Go home and love your family if you want to change the world.
  4. “We can’t always do big things in this life. But we may show a lot of love in little things.
  5. “The mother herself murders the child during an abortion, making it the biggest threat to world peace today. Abortion is a war against the child.”
  6. “God cannot be found in chaos and agitation, which is why we need to search for him. God is a supporter of solitude. See how the stars, the moon, and the sun move in silence; observe how nature—trees, flowers, and grass—grow in silence. We need stillness to be able to reach out and touch people’s souls.”
  7. “I have discovered the paradox that if you love until it hurts, there can only be more love.”
  8. Kindness is the key that unlocks hearts.”
  9. “Acting kind towards others is better than just saying it.”
  10. “Let the language of kindness be expressed in your actions.”
  11. “ is like a wave; it extends much further than what we can perceive.”
  12. “Small deeds of kindness have the power to completely change someone’s day.”
  13. “Kindness serves as a link between people, to put it simply.”
  14. “Choose kindness in a world where you can be anything.”

  1. “Love and kindness never go to waste; they always make a difference.”
  2. “We can all afford to give the gift of kindness.”
  3. “Those we touch carry the fragrance of kindness for a long time.”
  4. Kindness has no price but is worth everything.”
  5. “Give somebody a reason to smile today.”
  6. “Giving to someone who can never repay you is the definition of true kindness.”
  7. “Kindness is said to be the soul’s primary language.”
  8. “Someone’s entire attitude on life can be altered by a pleasant word.”
  9. “Let the power of kindness be a witness in your life.”
  10. “The impression we make on the world is through our kindness.”
  11. “Even the smallest act of kindness makes a difference.”
  12. Kindness is the light that illuminates the night.”
  13. “You can change the world; it needs more kindness.”
  14. “The most pure kind of love is kindness.”
  15. “To be kind is to truly be wealthy.”
  16. “The gift of compassion is the best present you can give.”
  17. Kindness is a language that is understood by all people and crosses all barriers.”
  18. “The power of kindness is limitless.”
  19. “The ability to heal and mend is in your kindness.”
  20. “Choose kindness in a world that sometimes seems harsh.”
  21. Kindness serves as our moral compass, pointing us in the correct direction.”
  22. “Kindness is like a soft rain; it feeds the soul.”
  23. “Kindness is the song of the heart, and its melody can touch every soul, therefore making your heart a well of unending kindness.”
  24. “The smallest deed of kindness is more valuable than the greatest of intentions.”

  1. “Kindness is like sunshine; it brightens the cloudiest days and warms hearts.”
  2. “If we use kindness as our standard of value, the world could be a better place.”
  3. Kindness is said to be the loveliest flower in the garden of life.”
  4. “Giving someone in need a piece of your heart is the definition of kindness.”
  5. “Let your kindness lead others out of the shadows.”
  6. “Kindness is a universally understood language.”
  7. “The most genuine kind of kindness is compassion.”
  8. “Being kind is a way of life, not a one-time act.”
  9. Kindness is the thread in the tapestry of life that weaves us all together.”
  10. “Your act of kindness might be the epitome of love that someone sees today.”
  11. “Kindness is strength, and strength is kindness.”
  12. “Your heart overflows with kindness the more you give.”
  13. “A kind act can have an ongoing impact on countless lives.”
  14. “Kindness serves as a link between peoples’ hearts all across the world.”
  15. “Paint the world with deeds of kindness; it is a canvas.”
  16. “You can provide kindness every day without ever running out of it.”
  17. “To be kind is to love; to love is to be kind.”
  18. “Kindness is the practice of giving without anticipating anything in return.”
  19. “The practice of kindness is the true essence of humanity.”
  20. “Choose kindness in a world where you can be anything.”
  21. “The warmest hearts can be warmed by compassion.”
  22. “The heartbeat of a loving soul is kindness.”
  23. “No bandage can conceal a wound that a nice word can heal.”
  24. “Kindness has a scent that lingers long after the moment has ended.”
  25. “Kindness is a treasure that becomes better with each act of generosity.”
  26. Kindness is a lifeboat in a sea of indifference.”
  27. “Those we come in contact with carry the legacy of kindness in their hearts.”
  28. “The compass that leads us to our authentic selves is kindness.”
  29. “The light that breaks down all barriers between souls is kindness.”
  30. “Let kindness be your language, and let your deeds speak louder than your words.”
  31. “Act with kindness in a world that is unpredictable where you are able to be anything.”
  32. “One act of kindness at a time can heal the world.”
  33. “Kindness costs nothing, but it means everything.”
  34. “A person’s true wealth is found in their goodness.”
  35. “Small deeds of kindness can spread love on a big scale.”

  1. “A loving heart is reflected in kindness.”
  2. “Choosing to be kind is always the right choice,”
  3. The greatest act of compassion is love.
  4. “Kindness is a form of speech that the deaf and the blind can understand.”
  5. “Kindness “grows into a beautiful garden when it is planted, like a seed.”
  6. “Be kind even when others are not, since kindness has the power to transform others.”
  7. “The world’s wounds can all be healed by kindness.”
  8. Kindness is a state of the heart; it is not merely an action.”
  9. “Kindness is the golden thread in the tapestry of life.”
  10. “Kindness is an everlasting gift.”
  11. “The best way to discover who you are is to lose yourself in serving others.”
  12. “Let your example demonstrate the effectiveness of kindness.”
  13. Kindness is the rock on which love is erected.”
  14. “Every good deed is an effort to make the world a better place.”
  15. “Kindness is the link that binds us together.”
  16. “The ability to be kind is genuinely rich.”
  17. “The spark that starts the flames of love is kindness.”
  18. “A kind word can turn someone’s day around.”
  19. “Kindness serves as a subtle reminder that we are simply human beings.”
  20. “Let your kindness flow endlessly from the depths of your heart.”
  21. “The most authentic type of strength is kindness.”
  22. “You have the power to change the world by spreading more compassion.”
  23. “Since kindness is the language of the soul, let’s constantly choose it.”
  24. “Kindness is the sun that chases away the darkness of the heart.”
  25. “Kindness is the foundation of peace.”
  26. “Let your life be an example to the healing force of kindness.”
  27. Kindness is the most exquisite manifestation of grace.”
  28. “Choose kindness in a world where you can choose anything.”
  29. Love is the music of the soul, and kindness is the melody of it.”
  30. “Giving without expecting anything in return is the art of kindness.”
  31. “A big difference can be made by small acts of compassion.”
  32. “Even the most resilient hearts can comprehend the language of kindness.”
  33. “Kindness is an asset that ennobles the human spirit.”
  34. “A person’s capacity for kindness is an indicator of how great they are.”
  35. “Kindness is described as the soft heart’s whisper.”
  36. “Being nice is a channel for God‘s love to spread throughout the world.”
  37. “The seed of compassion that grows into love is kindness.”
  38. “Love is not love until it is shared through deeds of kindness.”
  39. “Let your kindness be the quiet echo of love in a world full of noise.”
  40. “Kindness serves as the heart’s defense against bitterness.”
  41. “The ability to be kind is the truest form of strength.”
  42. “Every act of kindness sends a ripple of love throughout the world.”
  43. Kindness is a gift that can never run out; it can only be increased.”
  44. “Let your heart be an ever-flowing fountain of kindness.”
  45. “A life well lived is built on the foundation of kindness.”
  46. “The hearts you touch will carry on the kindness you leave behind.”
  47. “The way to finding the divinity within us is through kindness.”
  48. “Being compassionate is like being a lighthouse in a sea of darkness.”
  49. “Kindness serves as a link between us and others’ shared humanity.”
  50. “The scent of kindness lingers long after the moment has passed.”
  51. “Feed kindness generously; the world is hungry for it.”
  52. “Let kindness be your constant reminder in a world that frequently forgets.”
  53. “Let us never undervalue the power of a simple act of kindness.”
  54. Every time you smile at someone, you are showing them love, giving them a gift, and doing something lovely.

Bottom Lines

As we close our exploration of the deep lessons contained in Mother Teresa’s quotes about kindness, let us remember that kindness is more than a notion; it is a way of life. Mother Teresa’s extraordinary life was a living monument to the transformational power of compassion, and her teachings continue to guide our path. In a world filled with conflict and strife, her words of love, compassion, and empathy serve as enduring beacons of hope. Let us carry these vital lessons forward and make kindness a daily practice, not just in words but in our interactions with one another. Together, we can construct a world that reflects Mother Teresa’s limitless kindness, one act of love at a time. Stay connected with Clicky News for more uplifting information and inspiration. Thank you for joining us on this journey of introspection and personal development.

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